Security for Colleges & Universities

Our institutions of higher learning should not be places where we have to worry about violence, safety, and well being of our students. Walsh Electronic Security has what it takes to help minimize the risks to students, staff, and facilities. Building entrances at colleges and universities are typically high-traffic openings that must balance the need for access control and lock-down with accessibility and freedom of movement with at least one opening that complies with disability requirements. Every door must provide egress at all times.

Cross corridor doors are among the most common openings in buildings at our universities, linking academic areas to gyms and auditoriums, at the entrances of large lecture halls, or simply acting as a barrier from one area of a building to another. These openings are typically fire rated and life safety building codes must be followed. They face the rigorous use of daily traffic so reliable operation is just as critical as the ability to lock down after hours or in the case of an emergency.

Walsh Electronic Security can improve productivity of students and employees by providing them a safe environment.


Walsh Electronic Security provides access control and video surveillance systems to minimize the risks to college students, staff, and facilities.

“We have partnered with Walsh Electronic Security since 2007 and have heavily relied on them for installing electronic door access control in our campus residence halls as well as recommending a video security system that can expand with our increase in student population. We have been very pleased with the installation of the system, but more importantly the service we have received years after the system was installed.”

-Neil Olson, LAN Admin, Grand View University

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Our institutions of higher learning should not be places where we have to worry about violence the safety and well...

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