School Security for K-12 Education

Classroom doors, whether it’s a kindergarten classroom or a high school auditorium, require virtually unlimited access during school hours, but may also require limited access after school hours. These doors should be able to lock down quickly and effectively from the inside, providing school security by helping to protect the staff and students in case of an emergency.

Walsh Electronic Security has the expertise to help you address issues like:

Walsh Electronic Security can assist you in making sure our schools are safe and secure from unauthorized access. If you are looking for more information about school security, you can review the IOWA SCHOOL SAFETY GUIDE, released by the Iowa Homeland Security and Emergency Management Division.

Walsh Electronic Security supports and provides visitor management systems. A visitor management system enables staff to enroll visitors, capture their photograph, issue an ID badge, assign to responsible employees, and monitor their movements throughout campus. The software to enter this information is easy to use and exceptionally fast.

High security areas like laboratories, records offices and server equipment rooms typically have a limited number of users, but require a very high level of security to protect private, dangerous or expensive materials, goods or information. In the education setting, these doors also require quick, reliable lock-down, while still meeting local building codes for fire life safety.


Walsh Electronic Security can assist you in making sure our schools are safe and secure from unauthorized access by providing access control, video surveillance, and theft/vandalism prevention.

Some of the school districts we have helped to make more secure are:

  • Ankeny Community School District, Ankeny, IA
  • St. Francis of Assisi School and Catholic Church, WDM, IA
  • Carroll Community School District, Carroll, IA
  • Grandview University, Des Moines, IA
  • Simpson College, Indianola, IA
  • University of Iowa, Iowa City, IA
  • University of Northern Iowa, Iowa Falls, IA
  • South East Warren Community School District, Liberty Center, IA
  • Melcher Dallas Community School District, Melcher, IA
  • Newell Fonda Community School District, Newell, IA
  • Nevada Community School District, Nevada, IA
  • Washington Community School District, Washington, IA
  • Jefferson Scranton Community School District, Jefforson, IA

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Classroom doors, whether it’s a kindergarten classroom or a college lecture hall, require virtually unlimited access...

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