Video Intercom Entry Provides Security

Walsh Electronic Security sells and installs video intercom entry systems. These systems range from simple systems answering a few units to sophisticated video entry security systems.

A Door Station is mounted at the main entrance of a facility and includes a camera, call button, and intercom. The Door Station is connected to a master station inside the building, typically at a receptionist area, that has a monitor and intercom. When a visitor presses the call button, the master station can view the live streaming video of the visitor, communicate via intercom with the visitor and decide to grant or deny access.

Electrified door hardware must be in place to remotely unlock the doors. This product is often used in schools and it allows administrators to maintain security by keeping the main entry doors locked during the day yet allows the receptionist to allow visitors to enter the building.


Walsh Electronic Security sells and installs video intercom entry systems to provide security.

“The best thing I have to say about Walsh is that they are true professionals, who partner with their clients, not just in name but in practice. Their installation and support is superb, some of the best I have seen. I am glad they are on our team.”

- Stephen M. Stewart, CIO, Henry County Health Center

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