School Security Systems

The world we live in today has made the need for securing our schools and other public facilities all the more critical. Walsh Electronic Security has become the "go to organization" when it comes to providing school security.

Your guys were here yesterday and did a wonderful job. They met with the electrician right away and quickly determined the best placement of everything. They were very pleasant and worked hard. At the end, they demonstrated the unit and explained a great deal. Thanks.~James Zimmerman, Principal, Sacred Heart Schools

Benefits of a School Security System

Access control systems are primarily deployed to prevent someone who may want to harm people and steal or damage property. In addition, it improves the productivity of students and staff by providing them with a safe and secure environment. Moreover, it reduces the liability by allowing administrators to restrict access to certain areas and provides an audit trail of entry through any door. Access control systems can also provide scheduled entry into critical areas.

Walsh Electronic Security has become the 'go to organization' for school security.

Building entrances at schools, colleges and universities are typically high-traffic openings that must balance the need for access control and lock-down with accessibility and freedom of movement. At least one opening must comply with disability requirements and every door must provide egress at all times.

Classroom doors, whether it’s a kindergarten classroom or a college lecture hall, require virtually unlimited access during school hours, but may also require limited access after school hours. These doors should be able to lock down quickly and effectively from the inside, helping to protect the staff and students in case of an emergency.

Walsh Electronic Security can assist you in making sure our schools are safe and secure from unauthorized access. If you are looking for more information about school security, you can review the IOWA SCHOOL SAFETY GUIDE, released by the Iowa Homeland Security and Emergency Management Division.


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