Door Hardware Integration

As door hardware and electronic security products evolved, Walsh realized a unique marketplace niche. Traditionally, doors, frames, and hardware were supplied through a distributor, like Walsh Door & Hardware; access control and video surveillance products were supplied by a separate company.

Successful integration of these areas requires a substantial amount of coordination between the two entities. The door hardware is locked and unlocked by the intelligence in the access control system and the two must work (integrate) together. When an issue arose, there was finger-pointing between the two companies as to the root cause of the problem. In addition, there was a lack of communication and coordination between the two separate entities. In some cases four different companies were involved; electrician, carpenter, door and hardware supplier, and card access integrator.

Walsh Electronic Security brings all of these entities under one umbrella for your benefit and provides you with the best service and products available.


Walsh Electronic Security brings door hardware and electronic security under one umbrella for your benefit and provides you with the best access control service and products available.

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